Alabama Graphite Corp. — Swiss Resource Capital AG’s Founder and CEO,  Jochen Staiger presents ‘Graphite is the Hidden Star’. Lithium is in high demand, but few understand and appreciate the need for American battery-ready Graphite (specifically, Coated Spherical Purified Graphite or ‘CSPG’  battery graphite to produce the anode in a lithium-ion battery). Demand for CSPG is expected to grow significantly moving forward. Alabama Graphite intends to become an American-sourced-and-manufactured CSPG producer and the only producer in the contiguous United States.


Alabama Graphite Corp. — Commodity-TV’s Jochen Staiger presents an overview of AGC; ‘Alabama Graphite: The Most Advanced Graphite Project in the United States of America’



Alabama Graphite Corp. — in a one-hour, live television broadcast, AGC’s Director of Business Development, Jesse R. Edmondson, is interviewed on Coosa Valley Magazine with Jim Green on WOIL TV47 in Sylacauga, Alabama