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Alabama Graphite Corp. Provides Corporate Update

Alabama Graphite Corp. Announces Letter of Intent (LOI) to Supply Battery-Ready Graphite Products to U.S. Lead-Acid Battery Manufacturer

Alabama Graphite Corp. Receives Positive Evaluation Results for ULTRA-PMG™ product from RSR Technologies; Improved Dynamic Charge Acceptance (DCA) by 194%

Alabama Graphite Corp. Receives Unsolicited Indicative Proposal for Acquisition; Board of Directors Appoints Special Committee

Alabama Graphite Corp. Receives ADEM Permit for Final Infill Trenching Program for the Coosa Graphite Project Feasibility Study

Alabama Graphite Corp. Awards Coosa Graphite Project Feasibility Study to AGP Mining; Contracts Thompson Engineering for Environmental and Mine Permitting

Alabama Graphite Corp. Announces Analyst Report Published by Edison Investment Research

Alabama Graphite Corp. Appoints Auburn University Professor Emeritus Dr. Robert Cook, P.G. as Strategic Advisor

Alabama Graphite Corp. Announces Results of 2017 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

(RETRANSMISSION, due to 2017 U.S. Memorial Day Holiday) — Alabama Graphite Corp. Succeeds in Producing High-Performance Silicon-Enhanced Coated Spherical Purified Graphite (Si-CSPG) for Li-ion Batteries; Delivers Reversible Capacity above 405mAh/g; Exceeds the Maximum Theoretical Specific Capacity for Li-ion Anode Graphite

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