• Graphite

    Alabama Graphite Corp. (TSX.V:ALP)

    Leading the Flake Graphite Resurgence in the United States

    Alabama Graphite Corp. (TSX.V:ALP) through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Alabama Graphite Company Inc., is a graphite exploration and development company whose flagship project “The Coosa Graphite Project” in Coosa County, Alabama is located in an area with significant historical production of crystalline flake graphite.

  • Graphite Process

    Industrial Applications

    Graphite crucible used to hold molten metal

    Natural graphite is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat. The strength of its crystalline molecular structure also allows it to withstand extremely high temperatures, and it is not affected by a majority of reagents and acids. These properties are ideal for use in a wide range of traditional industrial applications

  • Graphite in Batteries

    Graphite in batteries

    The use of graphite in batteries has been increasing in the last 30 years.

    Electric vehicle batteries are anticipated to increase graphite demand. As an example, a Li-ion battery in a fully electric Nissan Leaf contains nearly 40 kg of graphite.

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    Graphite in the solar industry

    Researchers at Arizona State University have reported remarkable results using graphite nanoparticles as a substitute for silicon in solar panels. Adding these particles into heat-transfer mediums within the cells can dramatically boost the efficiency of the cells, which is one of the key challenges for increased solar adoption.